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Bgirl City

We are the largest Bgirl based organization in North America. We are an ALL women led organization based in Houston, Texas with a non-profit established in 2015. We focus on empowering women & youth through all elements of hip hop.

We embrace all forms of artistry derived from these elements. This is the back bone for our organization. We maintain this vision through our roles of leadership, mentorship, consistent programming & collaborations.

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B-Girl City Worldwide has pledged to continue to contribute, give back, build programing & collaborate with regional organizations, communities & events!

The funds in our efforts are fully going right back into the culture, we rise our voice's to continue creating a platform for our next generations of young girls & safe spaces for all dancers!

So with your efforts from the community help us reach these further goals. We want to thank you so much for believing in our mission!

About Us: About Us

Our Leadership Team

Ericka "Babygirl" De Leon

Chicana born & raised in Houston,Texas. She is arguably one of the biggest female voice in American break culture today, Babygirl - the Zulu Kween - joins the Breaking for Gold USA Council in a capacity most befitting her community leadership. She’ll chair as Sanctioning Director by overseeing the development of event standards and criteria in conjunction with other Breaking DanceSport Council chairs. Babygirl offers an extensive network and proven expertise continuously demonstrated through her irreplaceable revamp of the Bgirl City in 2015 platform and its own nationwide tour. Her professional acumen aside, Babygirl also provides a cherished personality and magnetism that’ll strengthen the overall mission of Breaking & CommUnity– to successfully deliver while authentically upholding the values of womxn of this culture!


Cindy "La Cindy" Lopez

Cindy has served on the team since 2018. Her love for dance began in her early adolescent years & has trained in various styles such as house, salsa & samba. She has happily transitioned in to a leadership role within the Houston Hip Hop scene.  Her main focus on our team is accountability in the consistency of our programming & outreach. She enjoys heading logistics, program development & overseeing our social platforms. Bgirl City has truly given her by far the best positive drive in reaching for more each day.


Gabrielle Gonzalez

Gabby grew up around the Hip Hop community & has been an active supporter as long as she can remember. She has trained in multiple styles of dance throughout her life & her love for dance has led to many amazing opportunities & beautiful relationships. She is ready & excited to take on this new role within this organization & give back to the community.


Giselle "Jazz-e" Pirata Nieto

Jazz'e has been inspired since 1984, after watching Break’N @ the theater.

She has kept up with every dance craze, from the Hammer, Kid n Play, to the Roger Rabbit. In '93 was introduced to the breakn scene in Austin,Tx. Her Hip Hop Style became alive in '95. '99 Capoeira became another level and chapter to her life. Her nick name became Pirata since she had tons of tattoos and always wore a bandanna. In the early 2000’s, she began my dancing journey and started to travel outside Texas. 2003-2005 she was blessed with two girls that gave me the power to become a better version of myself.

In 2005, ILL Milfs was created teaming up with one of Houston’s original Bgirl aka Babygirl became a tight bond that’s still holding on strong. In

2017 she established Fresh Steals which focus's on reselling shoes, clothes and accessories and became part of the Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market Movement. She has been an official member of Bgirl City since 2022.


Anthony "Beast Boogie" Silva

I’m an Athlete / B-Boy / Content Creator born and raised in Houston, TX. Dancing for 28 years now I’ve traveled the world competing, performing, and teaching dance. I currently host dance competitions and dance workshops along with daily content creation.


Shayla “Lashay” Martin

Based in Houston TX, originally from Buffalo NY &  I am the youngest of six children, to two wonderful parents. I am a Dance Instructor (Hip-Hop, Jazz), Competitive Dancer, & Artist. I have been dancing for 15 years, & in my fifteen  years of dancing, I have also been on Majorette & Drill Teams. I have had the opportunity to dance in Music Videos, Parades, Art Shows, & Background Dancing for Recording Artists, & a host of other opportunities. I have used my expertise in different styles of dance (Voguing, Waaking, Femme Movement, Hip-hop & Jazz) to create original Choreography for up &  coming Recording Artists, Music Videos, Dance Teams, Art Shows, Visuals, etc. 

I especially love the role that I have played in building up the self-confidence in young Women in the Houston Dance Community, through my Femme Fusion Mentorship Sessions, & All Girls Dance Teams. I have also been an Advocate for Women in the Choreo & Freestyle Dance Communities, as well as been a part of Motherhood Seminars. “


Nicole "Trinity"

Nicole Whitaker also known as B-Girl Trinity is a professional dancer focusing on Hip Hop and Break Dance since 1999. She is a well known authority in the art form.  Her expertise and years of performing, competing, and teaching has led her to creating her own dance programs focusing on building the youth. Serving as a judge & commentator at break dance competitions worldwide. With a degree in broadcasting, she is one of the most highly respected voices in the scene. Her one of a kind energy and charisma has led her to Hosting & MCeeing at Major events such as the world renowned Redbull BCone and the Pro Breaking Tour. Although hosting is her passion, Being part of the entertainment industry not only does Nicole dance she is also a singer/Songwriter and Actress. With music videos and a song that has topped the European Edm Charts. For the love of the art she will always live life bigger than herself. God star. “Shine your light on a lost world”

About Us: Meet the Team


Let's continue to reiterate to our fellow womxn in all communities that we are meant to and must continue to be unified. Our organization would like continuously influence our following and fellow womxn led organizations to push the message on the utmost importance this has. There is a current and ongoing war on womxn which is more the reason to push this message in an assertive manner.  Building this awareness is a constant need. We hope with this campaign we influence womxn to lead or follow others with this same intentions and purpose.


“We have been working as womxn in communities for years to solidify longevity. I question how do we do that? To  me it means to stay connected and really push for consistency by holding one another up. As an organization, it is important that we start to do more of this. I personally would love to keep myself accountable in hopes that we have more womxn in our communities seeking the same along with guidance and resources where needed. “
-Ericka Deleon

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Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market

Our heart & soul our monthly festival in partnership with resale_folds, We bring you HHVFM its goes down every first Sunday of the month at the one & only Bad Astronaunt Brewery (1519 Fulton) inNorthside Houston, Texas. Together we bring one of the biggest hiphop/vintage pop-ups w/ access to a full day experience of authentic under ground, street dance & resellers w/ up & coming brands. Amazing food, an all around dope vibes. Next time your in Houston come check us out it's something you definitely don't want to miss! 

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